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2024 Point Standings

Track Categories

Points Rules

  1. All cars that run for points must have a Greer Dragway points number. We sell these beginning in March of each year for $25. If you buy a number after the points start, that is when your points start, the day the number is paid for. If no Greer points number- no points.

  2. A total of 50 cars consisting of 24 cars from Pro, 10 cars from Footbrake, 6 cars from Jr. Dragster and 10 cars from Sportsman ( plus 2 Alternates: 1 Pro car and 1 Footbrake car) will go to the Summit Team Finals. You may run either or both classes, but cannot switch back and forth.

  3. If a spot is not taken by the person earning the points, we will move down the line to the next person eligible until all spots are filled.

  4. Your best 8 out of 10 races will be counted. In the event there are less than 8 points races completed, all races will stand. To be eligible to attend the Summit Team Finals you must attend at least 3 points races.

  5. How you earn points each week:
    • 5 points - Enter car, plus 5 points each round won
    • 10-points - Winner plus round points up to the finals
    • 5-points - Runner-Up plus round points up to the finals

  6. Points races are as follows: 3/30/19, 4/6/19, 4/27/19, 5/11/19, 6/1/19, 6/29/19, 7/13/19, 8/3/19, 8/17/19, & 8/31/19

  7. If you run two cars, each car must run in a separate class at Greer Dragway. Only one car per driver will be allowed at the Summit Team Finals.

  8. All ties in the Greer Dragway Points will be broken by the following, (in the order stated): 1) Most Wins at Greer Dragway in current points season. 2) Most Runner-Ups at Greer Dragway in current points season. 3) Previous years finish in Greer Dragway Points Standings. 4) Best 2 out of 3 Run-Off.

  9. To be eligible for the Summit SuperSeries you must have a Greer points number and a “X” number from IHRA. Your “X” number must be on your car to earn SSS points.

    Become the Summit SuperSeries Champion at Greer and you will then be eligible to participate at the Summit SuperSeries World Championships during the Summit World Finals at Memphis International Raceway. Racers without an “X” number will not accumulate track SuperSeries points until they have this number. IHRA Membership must stay current all season to earn SSS points.

    For more information or to obtain your “X” number, contact Tami DeFranzo at 561-562-4020. For complete rules and details see IHRA.com

*Driver is responsible to make certain Greer Dragway has your “X” number listed on the points sheet*

  1. Any gifted runs will be subject to disqualification of points.

  2. By having a Greer Dragway points number you are eligible for the Contingency Connection.

  3. These rules were made in keeping with the guidelines of IHRA. No one except the owners and managers of Greer Dragway, LLC can change these rules.

*Buy Backs will not earn points for round wins.*